How do metrics work?
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In Nailted, we offer over 40 real-time metrics thanks to the answers people give us in surveys

Regular surveys

At Nailted, we launch anonymous surveys to people with an initial periodicity of 14 days and they have until the next cycle to complete it.

If the person is new to the company, they will receive their first survey after 30 days in the company, so they can give their opinion with knowledge.

If the person is not new to the company, they will receive their first survey the day after they join the company.

If the user has not completed the survey during the period, we send them reminders to do so.

Surveys content

In Nailted we have a database of approximately 120 questions, these questions are distributed individually in surveys of 10 questions each.

Each of the questions included in the survey belongs to one of the metrics that we have in Nailted so, in each survey, we will have a question from each of the metrics.

If the user has not answered the eNPS question in the calendar month the survey will become 11 questions.

Data and metrics
We work in real time, therefore, according to what your people are answering, you will be able to see quantitative and qualitative data in your administration dashboard.

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