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How to measure onboarding with Nailted
How to measure onboarding with Nailted
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One of the most important steps to engage new people who have just joined your organization is onboarding.

A study by O.C.Tanner1 has shown that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they had a great onboarding experience, and another study by UrbanBound2 shows that organizations that provide a standard onboarding process have 50% greater new hire retention.

This all goes to show that having good onboarding and knowing how to improve it is extremely important to retain new talent and keep employees satisfied.

That is why we have prepared 3 surveys for you to use at different stages of the onboarding to allow you to measure how the whole process went, how your new team members felt about it and whether it really helped them.

Survey 1 - Start of onboarding process

With this survey, users will be able to reflect on how they feel after their first few days at the office or in their new role and on whether the onboarding is helping orient them properly.

This survey should be sent a few days to a week after onboarding has started.

  1. Do you have a good idea of what your day to day job and responsibilities are going to be like?

  2. Both my long-term goals and the organization’s have been clearly defined.

  3. I received clear information about my first day/week before my first day.

  4. Are these days going as you expected?

  5. What do you think we can improve in these first days regarding your onboarding?

  6. From 0 to 10, how would you rate your experience during these first days?

Survey 2 - Halfway through onboarding process

You can use this survey to get a status update on how your people going through onboarding are doing by themselves and in their teams, if they are missing anything or if they are overwhelmed.

This survey should be sent halfway through the onboarding process.

  1. My colleagues, team and manager have been very welcoming and open.

  2. How close is this job to your expectations?

  3. How satisfied are you with your starting responsibilities?

  4. Are you maintaining good relationships with your colleagues?

  5. From 0 to 10, how much is my manager/buddy helping me?

  6. Is this whole experience going as you expected?

  7. What do you think we can improve in these days regarding your onboarding?

  8. From 0 to 10, how would you rate your experience during these days?

Survey 3 - Post-onboarding

This survey will let your people reflect on the onboarding process as a whole and on whether they are ready to fully take on their role and if they have the resources and support they need to do their job well.

This survey should be sent right after onboarding is finished.

  1. Have you been able to adapt to the company culture?

  2. Were you satisfied with the trainings you received and were proposed?

  3. Have you received all the information you need about the company, its policies and culture?

  4. Do you have a clear understanding of your different career choices and opportunities with the company?

  5. Do you understand how your role contributes to the organizational goals and mission?

  6. Do you feel welcome here? Do you feel like you are part of the team?

  7. Do you have a good idea on what you need to do your job well?

  8. Did your onboarding go as you expected?

  9. What do you think we can improve regarding your onboarding?

  10. From 0 to 10, how would you rate your onboarding experience?


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