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Why should I use claps?
How can I make sure everyone in my team receives claps?
How can I make sure everyone in my team receives claps?
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Sometimes, as an administrator or manager, you may realize that some members of your team are not receiving any claps, and, because of the privacy of the process, you cannot know who those individuals are. So, how can you make sure that everyone in your team receives claps?

One way to do this is to lean on your managers by having them transmit the importance of recognition within the team and make sure that they send claps to everyone in their teams. For a more specific example, you and your managers can check your sent claps from the last 30 days by looking at the history of sent claps, which pops up as a scroll down menu when you go to choose who to send claps to (see screenshot below). You could then have your managers check that history to see whether or not they’ve been sending claps to everyone in their team. This would help build a habit of sending claps at least once a month for you managers who would then transmit that habit to their teams.

But how can you know which managers to target first? A good way is by looking at your groups on the app. When you identify which groups representing different teams have members who have not received claps, you can contact the managers of the groups directly and have them ensure that their entire team receives claps, as discussed above.

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