How 1:1 works?
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1:1s are an exceptional process for detecting problems and improving people-to-people bonding.

Set up 1:1 and invite managers
Once you set up the manager-report relationship, you can invite managers to perform 1:1's in Nailted. This process will send managers an email to set up the 1:1 cadence with their reports.

Before a 1:1 - Schedule and prepare for the meeting.
Before a 1:1 is held, the system sends reminders to both manager and report to add items to the agenda for a more effective meeting.

Finalizing a 1:1 and next steps
To end the 1:1 and be able to set up the next one, the manager must indicate to the system how motivated he/she has seen the report. This will give a direct view of how people and teams are doing.

Visibility for admins
Administrators will be able to see at all times which people in the company have configured or not a 1:1, when was the last time they did it and most importantly, you can know through the opinion of the manager if a person is motivated or is at risk.

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