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How to import people from a file?
How to import people from a file?
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Importing a file is the fastest way to add people to Nailted and include their properties at the same time.

Download an example of the csv file here.

Here you will find the fields that can be added to each of the persons:


Team member's email address.

This field is mandatory. In case you want to update current team members, we will use the team member email as a unique identifier and the system will update the required information.


Team member's name.

This field is mandatory.


Team member's surname.

This field is mandatory.


The language in which nailted is to contact the team member. Nailted current possibilities are English or Spanish, so the possible values are: ‘en’ for English and ‘es’ for Spanish.

If you do not added by default it will be used the one configured for the organization.


This is the email address of the team member's manager. The manager should exist in the system or exist in the file to be uploaded, we will associate the team member with their corresponding manager.


The groups to which the team member belongs. This can be a sigle value or several.


The gender associated with this team member. Possible values are:

  • male

  • female

  • non-binary

  • other


Team member's country. This is a two-digit standard, you can find the code here:

Starting date:

The team member's date of joining the company. This should have the following format: yyyy/mm/dd

Last date:

The team member's finishing date from the company.
The format should be as follows: yyyy/mm/dd


The team member's date of birth. As the rest of the dates the format should be as follows: yyyy/mm/dd.


The team member's salary range in Euros (€), the options are:

  • < 20.000

  • 20.000 - 40.000

  • 40.000 - 60.000

  • 60.000 - 100.000

  • >100.000

Working location

This field represents the adopted working location at your company for this team member, the possible values are:

  • office

  • hybrid

  • remote

We also have the following open fields that will give you the flexibility to create the structure that best suits your company.

  • Working location

  • Department

  • Location

  • Job title

After the insertion of the data, you can also update the information individually per team member by clicking in the team member name within the team view, and then in the information tab as you can see in this image:

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