Custom polls allow you to create customized surveys and create your own custom metrics.

Before getting started, it is important to note that although they do not replace the need in having Nailted’s built-in surveys and the benefits they generate, custom polls offer a form of communication that is complementary to Nailted’s surveys. This means that you will still be able to get all the value you’re already getting from the built-in surveys while being able to add extra value to them through your custom questions.

What benefits do they bring to your company and your team?

Tailoring to your specific needs

To begin, one benefit of the custom polls is that they let admins add and inquire about aspects that are specific to their company or department. You can do this not only by sending normal one-off custom polls, but also by creating and sending recurrent polls which allow you to create your very own custom metric and attach it to the numeric scale questions of that poll, using the poll’s repetition feature to track that metric over time. By targeting characteristics that are unique to your organization, department or team, you can design your own metrics that will measure aspects you see are important to the culture and engagement of your teams. This gives you a more complete picture of your organization and enables you to reach much more insightful conclusions about the data presented.

More convenience

Another benefit of the custom polls is their convenience of use. If you would like to send a quick or recurrent pulse survey or instant check-in to your team, you could use a Google Form to do it, but with Nailted, you already have access to your audience when creating your custom poll, namely your entire team and the different groups they are divided in, which makes it much easier to know and sort out who gets which questions and at what time. This convenience is also reflected in your results, as they will all be stored in the same dashboard, letting you view and compare all the data you are getting from your employees through Nailted in a simple, seamless and comprehensive way.

In all, custom polls are a very convenient way for you to truly tailor Nailted and how you use it to the specific needs of your organization by giving you the opportunity to interact more with your teams and create new metrics that are unique to you.

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