Custom polls allow you to further personalize the questions sent to your employees making your metrics even more adapted to your organization.

You can learn more about what they can be used for here.

*Admins with filtered visibility cannot see or access the Custom Poll section for now.

How to create a custom survey

You can create a custom survey by selecting Custom polls.

Click the Create custom poll

The title, the description, and the audience for the survey should be added.


Allows you and other admins to keep track of your polls more efficiently.


A quick intro of what your poll is about.

Lets you input any special information about your poll that is relevant and will help you identify and remember the purpose of the poll.


Who you want to send your poll to.

Lets you target specific teams or people that you need a pulse from:

  • Everyone: the poll is sent to everyone in your account.

  • Group - the poll is sent only to the group selected.

*People who receive the polls do not see the information included in this step.

*You need a minimum of 5 people in a group to be able to see it in the selection list.

Click to Continue.

Select type of question:

  • Text question

    These questions allow you to write an open-ended question that your team can answer and explain it with a text response.

  • Numeric scale questions

    This option allows you to quantitatively measure different aspects by letting you create a question with a scale that is always from 0 to 10 and choose what each end of the scale means (10 is good and 0 is bad, for example).

  • Star rating question

    These questions allow you to measure a statement using a visual star scale.
    A weighting is assigned to each star on the scale and then an average is calculated.

  • Likert scale

    These questions allow you to measure a statement on a 5-choice scale, from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

  • Custom choice

    These questions allow you to measure a statement using a scale of between 2 and 10 options, each of which is fully customizable.

    *Numerical scale, star rating, likert and custom choice questions also come with a text response in order to explain the value chosen on the scale. The text response is optional, but more feedback always helps both parties to communicate better.

Add a question by clicking on the Add Another Question button.

Delete questions by clicking on the red trash bin at the corner of each question’s box.

Once you are done, click Continue.

Choose how to send your poll:

  • Next survey

    To add your custom poll to Nailted’s regular surveys.

  • Instantánea

    To send your custom poll right away along with a notification.

Choose to toggle the recurrency of the poll.

  • Active recurrence

    Select the poll’s periodicity: every 1, 2 or 3 months.

    If you have numeric scale questions, input the custom metric you want to link the poll to then choose its periodicity.

  • Recurrence disabled

    You can go directly to the next step.

Review your configuration and, once you are satisfied, press Send.

  • The send button will either say Send in the next survey or Send now, depending on what you chose in step #5.

*You can save your custom poll at any moment throughout the creation process by pressing on the Save draft button at the bottom right of the screen. This will allow you to exit the poll and re-access it at a later point.

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