As you can see during the creation process of your custom polls at the Delivery step, one of the options you can toggle and change is Recurrency. This means that you can choose whether or not you want your custom poll to be sent out regularly and how often you want it to be sent out (monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months). This is useful because it allows you to ask for specific insights periodically over a certain period of time which strongly complements the data collected by Nailted’s already regular questions.

Furthermore, you can input your very own new metric which is linked to the custom poll**, letting you track and gain insights from it. This metric you can input is very practical because you can choose it to represent a particular aspect of your company or your team that is too specific to be covered by Nailted’s regular surveys. The metric will appear in a new tab in the eNPS and Metrics section called Custom metrics, where you can view each metric you created and its details, giving you a new regular source of information about the state of your teams.

** Note that a custom metric can only be linked to the numeric scale questions of your poll, as the metric needs a quantitative value to measure over time.

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