Diagnosis of a built-in metric

If you feel like you need more details about a certain metric than are provided or that the metric does not fully represent the real situation in the your team, you can use a recurrent custom poll to craft complementary questions to the ones in the built-in surveys and gather data about your employees that for example is specific to their area, department or tasks giving your more insight into what is driving the metric in question.

Recurring questions during onboarding

If during your company’s onboarding period you want to assess a certain aspect of your new hires or you want to have and easier regular way to check-in with them and evaluate their status, you could for example create a group with your new hires and create a poll targeted to them so you can always have their eNPS along with your new onboarding specific data.

Creation and diagnosis of a new metric

You can create your own custom metric by creating a recurrent poll with numeric scale questions. For example, you can measure your "quality of remote work" or "level of diversity" as a new metric.

Wanting to check the team pulse after a holiday

If all or most of your team leave on holiday and come back at around the same time, you can quickly and easily check their pulse by sending them a custom poll instantaneously, for example if you team leaves for Christmas, you can send them an instant custom poll at the beginning of January when they have all returned to check their pulse.

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