We have prepared a few sample surveys that will help you get more insight on general themes that cover most aspects of employee engagement and the employee experience.

You can use these templates or questions from them to create your own surveys you can send to your teams to find out more about certain topics, make data-driven decisions and even create your own reliable custom metrics.

Satisfaction surveys

Onboarding satisfaction survey

Find out how to measure your newest team members’ satisfaction with their onboarding period with custom polls and surveys by checking out this article.

Satisfaction with your new role survey

These survey questions will help you understand how satisfied your team members who just got a new role are with their jobs and responsibilities. These team members could be new employees to the company, employees that have been vertically or laterally promoted, employees, changing departments or functions, etc…, letting you evaluate how easy the transition to a new role is for your people.

  1. Do you have the opportunity to use new technologies?

  2. Do you have the opportunity to work on interesting projects?

  3. Do you enjoy working with your team?

  4. Have you been able to take advantage of the benefits your new role offers?

  5. Are you easily able to ask for help from your colleagues?

  6. Do you have access to all the training materials you need to succeed in your new role?

  7. Are you satisfied with your new salary and benefits?

  8. How satisfied are you with your new manager?

  9. Do you understand the opportunities for growth and the career path your new role offers?

  10. Does your new role still enable you to directly influence the company’s strategy success?

  11. What are 3 things you would improve about your new role?

General satisfaction with the company exit survey

You can use this survey to evaluate how your people who are exiting the company feel about their past experience working in the organization and how satisfied they were with the overall employee experience offered to them.

  1. How effectively were your skills and competencies put to use in this company?

  2. Were you satisfied with how much room for professional growth you had?

  3. How easy was it to get the resources you needed to do your job well?

  4. How comfortable was your work environment?

  5. How safe (physically and psychologically) did you feel in your workplace?

  6. How easy was it to balance your work and personal life?

  7. Are you satisfied with the level and quality of teamwork in your previous team?

  8. Was your manager open to people’s opinions when making decisions?

  9. How realistic were your manager’s expectations?

  10. Were you properly recognized for a job well done?

  11. What three things would you have changed during your time at the company?

Culture surveys

Work culture survey

This survey will help you gauge how aligned your people are with your company culture and how ingrained it is in your teams. It will let you know whether the culture is being communicated and encouraged properly and whether your people are receptive to that culture and are promoting it themselves.

  1. My organization keeps up with the latest best trends to create a positive working environment.

  2. I find my work challenging and satisfying.

  3. I have autonomy in my job position.

  4. My organization operates in a socially responsible way.

  5. My voice counts in my company’s policy or strategic changes.

  6. Are you satisfied with the level of teamwork and cooperation present throughout the organization?

  7. I am comfortable with my workplace’s culture.

  8. Which aspects of our work culture would you like to change or improve?

  9. Are you satisfied with the leadership’s management style?

  10. Processes and opportunities of growth are fair and apply to all people.

Safety in the workplace survey

These questions will allow you to find out how much your employees feel physically and psychologically safe in their teams and in the organization, what they think of the safety measures put in place by their leadership, and whether they feel that safety is a priority for them and for the company.

  1. I feel safe in my workplace.

  2. My safety, both physical and psychological, is a priority for my manager and for the leadership.

  3. Are you satisfied with company policies regarding harassment and discrimination?

  4. I am well-informed about safety hazards in my workplace.

  5. I am satisfied with how fast my company handles safety incidents.

  6. Security concerns are a high priority for my company.

  7. I feel that my manager truly cares for my psychological safety.

  8. How satisfied are you with your workplace’s lack of tolerance toward harassment and discrimination?

  9. How do your team and your manager feel about risk-taking?

  10. There is a sense of mutual respect between everyone in the company.

Diversity and Inclusion survey

Find out how to measure your workplace’s D&I with custom polls and surveys by checking out this article from our knowledge base.

Wellbeing surveys

Mental health check-in survey

This survey will help you make sure your teams are doing well by checking in on their mental well-being and mental health. It will also show you whether your people are aware of any mental health measures/benefits that are available to them and if they are using them, and it will help you understand your people’s view of mental health in general.

  1. Do you feel like you have someone to talk to or ask for help with mental health issues?

  2. Do you have healthy relationships with your co-workers?

  3. Do you have access to professional mental help in case you need it?

  4. I am aware of the mental health resources and services made available to me.

  5. Do you feel comfortable talking about your mental health with your peers in the workplace?

  6. Initiatives taken by my company to support mental health have helped improve my personal mental health.

  7. My manager prioritizes the mental health of the team.

  8. I trust that my manager would make changes to my work environment or my workload to help improve my mental health.

  9. Has a mental health condition or symptom affected your work in the past year?

  10. My company’s culture and policies support mental health.

Workplace wellness survey

Through this survey, you can find out how your team's work environment affects them, their work and their wellbeing. This will let you know whether you are taking the right measures and initiatives in building and changing your work environment for the benefit of your team and their productivity.

  1. I feel that my workplace is comfortable.

  2. My company makes sure our work environment is designed to affect our work in a positive way.

  3. Are you aware of the impact of your actions on your work environment?

  4. Is there anything about your workplace that is negatively affecting your health?

  5. Are there many distractions present in your work environment?

  6. I contribute toward making my work environment a safer and healthier place.

  7. My company encourages the maintenance of certain standards regarding our work environment.

  8. I feel that my work environment is safe.

  9. Are you satisfied with how your work environment looks and feels?

  10. What three things would you add or change to improve your workplace?

Financial wellness survey

This survey will help you better understand your people’s individual financial situations and how they feel about them, giving you insight into their financial well-being, and how it could be affecting their overall wellness and performance at work.

It will also let you know if they need assistance with certain financial wellness packages like example employee discount programs, debt management services, and company-sponsored emergency funds… .

  1. How do you feel about your finances?

  2. How confident are you that you will be able to afford the standard of living you hope for a year from now?

  3. Do you feel you get paid appropriately for the work and effort you put in?

  4. What is your biggest financial concern?

  5. Do you feel that you have an adequate amount of savings for emergencies?

  6. Do you feel that financial stress is affecting your work, health or relationships?

  7. Is there a particular benefit or assistance that would help you reduce your financial stress?

  8. What salary frequency are you most comfortable with? Monthly? Weekly? Whenever you need it?

  9. Are you confident that you will be able to save enough for retirement?

  10. Is there someone in your team or company you can go to for financial advice?

Engagement surveys

Recognition survey

These questions will give you an in-depth look and help you discover what kind of recognition your people would like to receive and how to make it more meaningful. It will show you how personalized the recognition you send out needs to preferably be and how you can personalize it for each of your team members.

  1. What are some work accomplishments and/or contributions you would appreciate being recognized for by your manager or supervisor?

  2. In what type of setting are you most comfortable receiving recognition (privately, publicly, at the office, at home, on your way to the office…)?

  3. How would you like to be recognized for your work accomplishments and/or contributions?

  4. How often would you prefer to receive recognition?

  5. The recognition I receive from my direct manager motivates me to do my best.

  6. Do you prefer receiving recognition from your managers or from your colleagues?

  7. Do your manager and the leadership encourage their team members to send each other recognition?

  8. Have you received regular recognition from higher management (leadership that ranks higher than your direct manager)?

  9. Do you prefer knowing who gave you recognition or do you prefer receiving it anonymously?

  10. How often do you recognize your colleagues for a job well done?

Remote work surveys

Remote work engagement survey

These survey questions will help you find out how your team stays engaged and how they can avoid distractions in a remote workplace.

This survey can help you understand your people’s remote work habits better and how to adapt to their individual needs in a more flexible and beneficial way.

  1. How well-equipped are you to do your job at home?

  2. How satisfied are you with the quality of communication from leadership?

  3. How well do you feel your productivity has done in comparison to working at the office?

  4. What communication channels work best for you?

  5. Is it easy to reach your teammates and team leaders when you need them?

  6. Do you feel supported and trusted by your team leader?

  7. Do you feel there is adequate communication from your teammates and team leaders?

  8. How clear are your objectives when you work from home?

  9. Are you able to take enough breaks during your work day?

  10. Do you feel that working remotely has taken over your personal life?

Hybrid work survey

This survey will help you understand how engaged your people feel during hybrid work, and how they manage both in-person and remote work. It will also help your employees consider whether they are able to disconnect during remote work and if they are experiencing any challenges.

  1. From 0 to 10, how satisfied are you with our hybrid work model?

  2. From 0 to 10, I can manage hybrid work regardless of the team or project I'm working on.

  3. Are you having any issues managing both remote and in-person work?

  4. From 0 to 10, I don't feel stressed about our hybrid work model.

  5. From 0 to 10, I am able to disconnect after work while working remotely.

  6. From 0 to 10, I am able to separate my professional and personal lives while working remotely.

  7. From 0 to 10, I understand how our hybrid work model works.

  8. What is your ideal balance between remote and in-person work?

  9. From 0 to 10, I find it easy to contact my colleagues or superiors when I need to.

  10. From 0 to 10, I am satisfied with the number of video calls I have every day.

  11. What 3 things would you improve about our hybrid work model?

  12. Do you feel like you are missing out on going to the office?

  13. From 0 to 10, being away from the office does NOT affect my development and growth in the company.

  14. Do you have the proper tools and materials to be able to complete your work outside the office?

  15. From 0 to 10, I feel equally connected to my colleagues while working remotely and in person.

  16. What challenges does remote work bring you?

  17. From 0 to 10, my productivity is NOT affected by our hybrid work model.

Back to the office after remote working survey

This survey will help you understand how motivated and ready your people are to return to the office after having worked remotely or been in lockdown for a while.

It will also help your team members evaluate their own levels of readiness and motivation and get ready to tackle work at the office again.

  1. How comfortable do you feel about returning to work in the office?

  2. Are you concerned about decreased flexibility to work from home?

  3. I am able to be as productive when I work remotely as when I work at the office.

  4. What would be your ideal work format?

  5. What concerns you most about coming back to work at the office?

  6. What motivates you most about coming back to the office?

  7. Are there safeguards you would like to see put in place when you come back to work at the office?

  8. Do you trust your company to take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and healthy work environment when you come back to the office?

  9. What do you value most about working from home?

  10. Does your manager promote safe and healthy practices in the office?

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