Tips to improve participation in Surveys
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Most of the data displayed to you in Nailted is gathered from the surveys that are sent out, which is why you want all your teams to participate in the surveys as much as possible to give you the most accurate data possible. Here are a few tips that will help you do that:

  • Respond to feedback.

  • Reinforce anonymity

  • Explain how vital employee feedback is

Respond to feedback.
Both negative and positive messages are a gift. People who have replied have made an effort to do so and if they don't receive a response they will stop sending messages or replying honestly.
If you receive a lot of feedback messages, likely, you will not be able to respond to all of them quickly; if this is your case here is a list of ideas for responding to large volumes of feedback.

Reinforce anonymity

One of the best ways to improve participation is to build trust within your organization, and a good way to do that is to reinforce the anonymity of feedback through surveys and through the messages section in Nailted.

People are usually afraid that making negative comments will have negative repercussions on them and their careers in the company. That is why we recommend that you encourage your managers to clarify the anonymity of the platform within their teams. They can for example share screenshots of the app so that people can see that their feedback is truly anonymous.

You can also share Nailted’s manifesto with your employees, helping them understand the philosophy of the company better and be more confident about the anonymity of their feedback.

Explain how vital employee feedback is

If employees can truly understand the impact their feedback has on the company’s strategy and mission, they are a lot more likely to give more of it and thus increase their participation.

The more information on its people’s well-being, ideas, opinions, etc… a company has the better the initiatives it can make because this information can be used to create improvements that represent and impact the entire company or measures that are segmented and apply to each group of the company.

To help your people understand the importance of feedback, you can create different internal communications such as videos with C-suite members explaining results from Nailted and how they will be used, or alternatively we have prepared a few templates that you can use to share Nailted info with your teams.

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