Process for a check-in campaign
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In this article we will talk about the process for a check-in campaign for an admin:

1. Select your template

You will be able to see all the questions and formats (e.g. whether it’s a self-review, report-manager feedback, etc.).

2. Configure your campaign

Enter name, description, anonymity, and which groups you’ll be sending the campaign to.

3. Manage assignments

Although the check-in has been configured, it hasn’t been sent and only admins know it exists. Now you can review it and manage assignments.

If managers have these permissions, they will be able to manage their team’s assignments on their dashboard at

💡 Remember you can contact managers if the launch date is near and their team’s assignments haven’t been managed.

4. Launch the campaign

We will send a notification to the participants so they can access and complete the campaign on their dashboard at

5. During the campaign

Control the evolution

You can check the evolution and send reminders to those who haven’t completed the campaign.

Manage feedback

As participants complete the campaign, you will be able to see the contents and contact them if you feel like their feedback is inappropriate.

Calibrate assessments

If you find any unusual assessment (e.g. self-review is 0 but manager review is 10), you can now contact the participants and remind them of the importance of a good assessment using the provided scales.

Missed assignments

If you missed an assignment, you can assign it now and we will notify the participant.

Send results

Although all results will be sent out at the end of the campaign, you can send out results at any point. This feature is useful in case some managers want to start working with their direct reports to set out improvements and goals right away.

6. Finalize the campaign and send out results

When the campaign is over, we will send out a notification to participants letting them know that check-in results are available at No modifications will be possible at this time.

💡 A good practice is all direct reports sit with their managers to discuss results and set out improvements or measures at this time.

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