Integration process

To set up your BambooHR integration with Nailted, you first need to create a new application programming interface (API) key in BambooHR. The following instructions will show you how to do that:

  1. Login to BambooHR

  2. In your profile, select the option “API Keys”

  3. Click on “Add a New Key”

  4. Copy this key and email it to us, and we will take care of the rest of the integration for you.

What are the benefits of the BambooHR integration?

The BambooHR integration allows you to manage your employees’ status in Nailted in a much easier way:

  • When you add new people to BambooHR they are automatically transferred to Nailted on the date set for their first day of work.

  • Modifying or removing a person from BambooHR also automatically modifies or removes them from Nailted.

  • If you assign, remove or change someone’s manager, that change will automatically be reflected in Nailted.

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