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Nailted´s Manifesto
Nailted´s Manifesto
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We exist to help companies around the world become better places to work. As such, there are a number of principles we follow as we develop our platform that have profound implications for how the service works.

Our commitment to our customers and all their people.

From Nailted, we are committed to:

  • Make every effort and technical means available to us to maintain the confidentiality of all Nailted users.

  • Guarantee anonymity when appropriate, always putting people first, even if this means not developing additional functionalities.

  • Develop and improve the platform in a way that anticipates and prevents any misuse of the service.

This commitment carries with it a number of implications that impact how we safeguard your privacy, in particular:

  • Data associated with individual responses from any person will never be displayed, anonymous and/or aggregated data will always be displayed.

  • Aggregate data represents departments, areas or other organizational units of your company. The design of the software ensures that no data will be displayed for groups that do not consist of at least 3 people and that there will be no visibility into the origin of any text message if the group from which it originates does not have at least 6 members.

  • All data, identifiers, tokens, etc. that we collect are intended to associate your answers to the different groups or anonymous identifiers.

  • We are committed to security and GDPR audits.

  • We encourage the correct and ethical use of the tool in all our indications and communications.

Why should I be interested?

Because, for starters, the simple fact that your company implements Nailted means that it strives to improve your day-to-day life at work, because everything we do is aimed at this goal.

Because when Nailted sends you a question, it's the time to give your opinion and contribute your point of view on the most important aspects of creating a great workplace. It's a channel that allows you to convey your concerns, ideas or problems, and to do so anonymously. Nailted's feedback process is really fast and designed to minimize distractions.

Because having well-executed 1:1 meetings with your manager is possibly the best tool you both have to achieve better teamwork. It doesn't seem like a good idea to leave a meeting where you discuss things like career development, morale or a sensitive personal situation to chance. 1:1 meetings are the ideal place to talk about key issues that usually don't fit on the agenda of any other meeting.

Because telling others what they are doing well is a much more powerful weapon than it seems. Both motivationally and culturally. If you are a manager or hold a management position, you are a role model for your team and applauding when they live the company's values is possibly the best way to align everyone.

We are just an email away

If you have any questions, you can contact our Customer Success team at anytime. We will be happy to help you!

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