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Turnover rate
How do we calculate the turnover rate?
How do we calculate the turnover rate?
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The turnover rate is an indicator that measures the number of people entering and leaving a company on a given date.

Types of turnover


In this case it is the employee who decides to terminate his or her relationship with the company.


It is the company that decides that the employee is no longer part of its workforce.

How do we calculate the turnover rate at Nailted?

At Nailted, we calculate the turnover rate by counting all the people who have been disabled in the last six months.

To measure the turnover rate, the formula used is as follows:


Acme had a staff at the beginning of 75 workers.

At the current date it has 85 employees.

During that period it recorded 16 departures.

If we apply the formula of:

It shows a turnover rate of 20% in the calculated period.

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