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How can you connect your Zoho account with Nailted?

You have to access to Configuration / Integrations and look for the connection with Zoho, from there you can access to Connect with Zoho and you will have to authorize Nailted so that all employees can be synchronized.

⚠️The email address stored on Zoho and Nailted for a person needs to be the same one in order the integration to work correclty.

What are the benefits of the Zoho integration?

The Zoho integration allows you to manage your employees’ status in Nailted in a much easier way.

We do a Zoho synchronization to Nailted every 24 hours to check that:

  • When you add new people to Zoho they are automatically added to Nailted as well.

  • Modifying or removing a person from Zoho also automatically modifies or removes them from Nailted.

  • If you assign, remove or change someone’s manager, that change will automatically be reflected in Nailted.

Can I prevent certain users to be syncronized?

Yes, in those cases in which you have certain people that do no need to be syncronized every 24 hours, you can add them to a denylist.

💡To create a denylist, it is necessary to have activeted Zoho integration first.

To activate a denylist follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your ⚙️ Settings section and click on Settings. Next, click on Integrations.

  2. Next to your Zoho integration, you will see a three dots icon. Click on it and select the option of Configure the denylist.

  3. Finally, select the emails from Nailted that you do not want to sincronize and click on the Save button to save your changes.

    💡You can also bulk email addresses by spacing them by commas (,)

    ⚠️ Adding a person to the denylist list, doesn't mean that their profile is disabled in Nailted. You will need to do this process manually in Nailted.

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