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Why is it not recommended to turn off Nailted's questions?
Why is it not recommended to turn off Nailted's questions?
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At Nailted, we have ensured that our surveys are backed by scientific research and driven by best practices, and we have followed a thoughtful process to create clear and meaningful surveys.

This means that the themes are applicable to any group of people, and are designed to gather valuable information that can help the company understand how employees feel and how they can improve the workplace.

Sometimes you may think that some metrics do not affect your company.

We show you below different cases we have faced and what we have been able to learn in each of them, we want to share it with you so you can evaluate if you should really turn off a question:

  • “Some questions don't apply to me because we are remote”.

    We know that even in a remote work environment, companies that make an effort to ensure that their employees have a suitable environment to work in, manage to increase their engagement levels .

    Some companies choose to pay for coworking close to each person's home, but if the budget doesn't allow it, we can always make sure the team is comfortable with the furniture they have, for example.

  • “I think there are too many questions in the theme.”

    Although some themes include more questions than others, Nailted's algorithm will make sure that each person answers one question from each, so you get a spread of answers across each of the themes. This is not a problem in practice.

  • “In my company this doesn't happen" or "this doesn't apply to me.”

    Congratulations! However, you are not free from the risk of it happening to you too. It can happen in any comment. Also, not asking ensures that you don't know for sure.

    Are you 100% sure that it doesn't happen to you?

    It may be very clear to you, but we have seen how this is usually more of an untested belief.

    Although sometimes the solution is complex, the first step is to understand what is happening.

Therefore, we can say that from Nailted we do not recommend disabling any question of the model except in very exceptional situations.

It is possible, we may find ourselves in a scenario where disabling a question may be justified:

  • “I want to customize the model a lot, so I will disable a question because I will create it manually together with others and build a new metric with them”.

If you have doubts, so we can talk about your case.

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