New criteria to set a dynamic group

Now you can create a dynamic group based on the people who are direct reports of a manager. In this way, you can create direct teams for each manager without the manager’s metric responses distorting the data.

Better flow when creating a campaign

Once a campaign has been created, you will see a message indicating you that it is still a draft and that it hasn't been launched yet.

1:1 meetings templates

  • Create your own templates for having them available for your managers for their first 1:1 meeting, for onboarding, for annual salary revisions, etc.

  • 1:1 meetings templates are now included in the 1:1 reminder emails in order to have a shared agenda and be prepared for the meeting.

Pre-required talking points on 1:1 meetings

Your report can provide input to the set agenda prior the meeting regarding some issues that will help to improve communication and be able to prepare for the meeting, for example on the case of employee training.


  • Manager adds PRE-talking point to the agenda: What would you like to train on during the next quarter?

  • Employee responds before the meeting: I would like to learn more about research techniques.

  • Bingo! The manager has the necessary information before the meeting to conduct the 1:1 effectively.
    we have available $100 for research techniques training.

New type of questions in custom polls

Choose the type of questions that you want to add to your custom polls:

  • Text questions.

  • Numeric questions.

  • Stars (from 1 to 5 stars).

  • Likert scale.

  • Custom scale.

Integrations with Personio & Factorial

Save time integrating Nailted with your Personio and Factorial accounts.

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Same flow for custom polls and Nailted's surveys

Your personalized questions will be sent together with the regular Nailted questions.

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