Improvement on contact with participants during a review process

Now you will be able to contact with all your review participants, even when they have some pending tasks on that campaign.

Improvement in reviews notifications

Review campaign reminders are now more personalized as it states the pending tasks with a frequency of 2 days prior the deadline, 1 day prior the deadline and the same day of the deadline.

Import new members

Now it is possible to import all the new team members information using the provided Nailted's CSV template.

Filters upgrade

We have upgraded the possibilities of the filters available on the messages section and also the group comparison filters on the metrics section. Besides, we have also added a custom date filter on the messages section.

Benchmark visualization upgrade

This allows the homogenization of all the evolution graphs, to represent more faithfully the reality and to always show the benchmark.

Refinement on groups selectors

Improvement of the visualization of groups when comparing as now they appear by alphabetical order and show the group size.

Multilingual custom polls

Create a language specific custom poll to achieve the highest participation.

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