At Nailted you can establish your company values and team competencies so that you can assess people's alignment with them through reviews & check-ins.

When you ask a values question within a review & check-in it will be sent to all the people participating in the campaign, however when you include a competency question it will only be sent to the people in the group that has been assigned that specific competency.

This will allow you to assess each person's alignment with your company’s values and the competencies of their role.

⚠️ Only global administrators will be able to set up values and competences.

To do so, follow up the next steps:

Set up company values

  1. Go to your account main settings by clicking on ⚙️ that appears on your upper right corner. Next click on Settings.

  2. Next, click on the Values & Competences.

  3. Start by setting up your values selecting the Add Value button.

  4. Add your value title and a description of that value.

  5. Save your value by clicking on the Add value button.

  6. You are ready to go!

Set up competences (hard/soft skill) of each team

  1. Inside the same page, in the bottom section click on the Add competence button.

  2. Add the name, the competence description and decide if you want it to apply to the whole company or to apply to specific groups. In the latter case, select as many groups needed, and click on the Add competence button.

  3. You are ready to go!

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