Reviews and check-ins are a great way to assess your people values and competences. Once you have launched your review and that all your teams have participated in it you will be able to evaluate the responses of each one thanks to our evaluation matrix.

💡If you have configured that the results of the campaign are delivered to the users, they will also have access to the evaluation matrix.

To access it follow the steps described below:

⚠️You will only be able to access each person results once the participation phase has finished.

  1. Go to your Reviews & Check-ins section and choose your selected campaign. Remember that this can only be done for campaigns that contain questions of values and competences.

  2. Next, inside each person rowclick on the View results button that will redirect you to a new screen where you will be able to see three different tabs:

    1. Competency Assessment: This section shows you information about the alignment of your employee on the different competencies and company values according to the set up of the campaign being the possibilities of a self-review, a manager to direct report review, direct report to manager and/or peer to peer review and the final average score.

    2. Questions & Answers: This section will allow you to exactly consult the answers to each one of the questions that have been answered. You will be able to filter them by question or by reviewer.

    3. Final results: In this section you will have a preview of the results that the employee will receive.

Having access to this information will allow you to perform a better results delivery as you will arrive prepared for your 1:1 results delivery meeting.

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