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How do I establish each person's competences?
How do I establish each person's competences?
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You can establish competences to each person and apply them to your Reviews & check-ins that will allow you to evaluate your teams better.

⚠️ For assigning competences to specific groups, they will need to be created in advance to starting the process described below.

Competences assignation process

  1. Go to your account main settings by clicking on ⚙️ that appears on your upper right corner. Next click on Settings.

  2. Next, click on Values & Competences.

  3. Go to the bottom section and click on the Add competence button.

  4. Add the name, the competence description and decide if you want it to apply to the whole company or to apply to specific groups. In the latter case, select as many groups needed, and click on the Add competence button.

  5. You are ready to go!

Below is an example of a table (this graph does not belong to Nailted) where we could see the competences assigned to the different teams inside a company.

In this way, each group (and the people within it) would be assigned the competences that correspond to it.

This means that when the competency questions are asked in a Review & Check-in, the Customer Success team would only be asked the questions linked to the competencies of Communication, Ownership and Innovation.

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