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Perform Review & Check-in campaigns allow you to evaluate one person according to their competences and performance, but they also allow you to evaluate their alignment with your company values among many other things.

To create a Review & Check-in campaign in Nailted follow the next steps:

1 Choose your template

Nailted offers you a number of default Review templates that you can choose from, these being the following:

  • 6 Months evolution and goals: Ask about what people have accomplished in the last 6 months and how they expect to grow in the next 6.

  • Satisfaction in the current position: Find out if the team is comfortable with their current position, team and conditions.

  • Person - company alignment: Help managers do a better job by running a feedback session. Run a campaign to collect and send them feedback from their direct reports.

  • Report to manager feedback: Help managers do a better job by running a feedback session. Run a campaign to collect and send them feedback from their direct reports.

  • 360 Feedback - Generic: It provides feedback to employees on the most important skills, such as: career development, communication, accountability or teamwork, among others, this will allow them to detect improvement opportunities.

If you would like to build a custom Review template, you can follow this process:

  1. Fill in this form providing information about the Review template that you want to create.

  2. Once we receive your form, a Customer Success representative will review the information and contact you to arrange a meeting. In this session, we will help you create a 10 out of 10 review based on best practices and our experience with leading companies in the industry.

  3. After a few days, our technical team will implement your review template into your account.

  4. You will be able to test the template independently and with the support of our Customer Success team.

2 Configuration of the Review

To finish up configuring your review, follow the next steps:

1 Title & description

Add a title and a description that describes the goal of the review, explanation of how the process will work etc. as this information will be visible by all the participants.

💡Create an internal document containing what the process will be like, the goal, who is the main contact person is if any question arise, etc. and add it as part of your description so that all the participants have access to it. You can use this template as a guide.

2 Questions

In this section you will be able to configure and review everything concerning the review questions.

  • A dropdown will appear with all the questions that will be sent and the direction of those questions (i.e. the role of the person that will be answering them). Questions can be formulated on the following directions:

    • Self-review: Questions intended to be “asked” to oneself.

    • Peer to peer: Questions done to one coworker about another one.

    • Manager to Direct report: Questions done to a manager about their direct reports.

    • Direct report to manager: Questions done to direct reports to evaluate their manager.

  • Set up feedback visibility by choosing if the feedback will be:

    • Fully anonymous: People that receive results, managers or team members won't see the author of the messages.

    • Managers will be able to see the author of the feedback messages within their team.

  • Choose how the results will be sent over once the review campaign is over:

    • Send all results: The self review, the peers and the manager review comments will be sent over to the participant.

    • Send only the manager review: The participant will receive their self-review and those comments made by the manager. If we set up a calibration phase, the participant will only receive their self-review and the manager’s calibration results.

If you wish, you can disable the results delivery and prevent any result of being sent.

3 Review participants

Reviews can be sent to the entire company or to specific groups that you choose.

💡Activate the working days filter so that only people who have been with the company for a minimum period of time can participate.

This section also allows you to decide how participants will be added to the campaign by choosing one of the options below:

  • On-cycle: All people belonging to the group will start their participation at the same time having into account the start and end date established.

  • On-going: All members of the selected group will be added at the beginning of the campaign and, in addition, they will be added to the campaign as new people join the group who meet the time requirements.

4 Phases of the campaign

This section will allow you to choose the phases that the review campaign will have and how they will run:

  • Choose the way in which the campaign will run:

    • Manually: Administrators will be the ones starting and finishing each phase of the campaign, having full control over the review campaign.

    • Automatically: The campaign will run automatically depending on the duration that has been set for each phase, without the administrator having to perform any action. If this format is chosen, participants will move automatically from phase to phase once they meet the criteria established on each phase. Click here if you want to know more about the criteria used on the automatic mode.

    💡We recommend you that set your first review to be run manually in order to have greater control over it and set up the following to run automatically.

  • Nomination phase: Administrators or managers set up who will be giving feedback about who and they will agree to some criteria in order to be aligned. This section will also allow you to set up a duration of this phase and optionally a minimum number of assignments per person.

    This phase can be disabled and the administrators can nominate who will give feedback about whom. Discover more about the nomination phase here.

  • Participation phase: This is the main phase of the review that consists of giving feedback to people either as a peer, as a manager or performing a self-review. You will also be able to set up a duration for providing feedback. Discover more about the participation phase here.

    💡 It is recommended to leave at least 14 days for the participants to participate on the survey.

  • Calibration phase: This phase is used to ensure that the results are objective and consistent among all the feedback that has been provided. Managers participate in the calibration process, so they can also send their feedback at this stage instead of in the participation phase by enabling the Managers will only send calibration feedback button. Administrators will also set up a duration for this phase.

    This phase can be disabled in case that you do not want to carry out a calibration process over the results. Discover more about the participation phase here.

  • Results delivery: This is the phase where people receive the results of their evaluations.

    The process can be done in a number of ways, but Nailted strongly recommends that the results are delivered in a 1:1 meeting between the manager and the direct report.

    If the phase is set up so that the results are delivered via a 1:1 meeting, participants will receive their results 48 hours before the start date set for the 1:1 meeting.

    You can also disable the delivery of results on a 1:1 basis, or if you need to, you can deactivate the entire phase in case your campaign doesn’t require to deliver results to participants.

By clicking on the See campaign summary button your review campaign will be saved as a draft. You will be able to make as many changes as you require after that.

⚠️Manager changes made in Nailted will NOT be reflected within the campaign once it is set up. Within the campaign, you will be able to make changes to managers and assignments as needed and will NOT affect the manager-direct report relationship of the Nailted structure.

Finally, click on the Launch campaign button where you will see the phases that the campaign will go through and a summary of the main settings of the campaign. Confirm the launch of the review campaign and the nomination or participation process will start, depending on your settings.

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