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How to create 1:1 meeting templates
How to create 1:1 meeting templates
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1:1 meetings help managers to detect problems and improve the bond between people.

By using templates for 1:1 meetings, you will ensure that managers follow the same structure and methodology when conducting meetings with their teams, always carrying out a series of checking points that have been advised by the People department. The templates will also serve as a guide for managers with less experience in conducting this type of meeting.

Some examples of templates that you can create are:

  • First 1:1 meeting with a new person.

  • 1:1 meeting for delivering results from a review, e.g performance, competences, etc.

  • 1:1 monthly follow up meeting

  • 1:1 salary review meeting

  • 1:1 meeting for reviewing objectives and career development

To create a new 1:1 template follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your administrator section in app.nailted and click on 1:1 meetings. Then select the Create new template button.

  2. Add a description and title for the new template.

    💡This will be the information managers will see so make sure both the title and description are descriptive.

  3. Create a section that will serve to differentiate the different topics that will be included in the template. Add a title and description to this section and then click on Add talking point.

  4. Once you have written your new talking point, click on the Add button. You will be able to edit the new agenda item you have created by clicking on the pencil next to it.

  5. Next, decide if this will be an item that needs an answer from the direct report before the 1:1 meeting. If you would like to receive a response, check the box next to Needs answer.

  6. Once you have created all your questions and sections you can organise them however you like using the arrows next to each question and section.

  7. Once you have finished creating questions and sections, click Continue where you will see a summary of the sections and questions.

    💡If you spot any errors, you can go back by clicking on Sections & talking points in the agenda on the left hand side of your screen.

  8. Finally click on Save and the template will be published automatically.

Once you have created and published your template, it will be available for all managers to choose from when creating a new series of 1:1 meetings.

💡We recommend that you always inform your managers that you have created a new template and explain in which cases it should be used.

⚠️The number of 1:1 templates you can have active at the same time varies depending on your plan.

What happens if a template is unpublished?

Administrators can create and unpublish a template at any time by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your administrator section on app.nailted and click on 1:1 Meetings. Then select the Templates section where you will see all your active templates.

  2. Click on the three dots icon at the top left of the template and click on Unpublish template.

From this point on, the template will no longer be available for managers to add when creating a new series of 1:1 meetings.

In case a manager already has a 1:1 meeting scheduled using the template you just unpublished, they will be able to use it for that meeting and will be informed when scheduling the next meeting that the template is not available and that they should choose another template.

💡Nailted recommends that you always notify your manager that you plan to unpublish a template and inform them of the new template to use and answer any questions they may have.

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