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April 2023 - Updates
April 2023 - Updates
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Review campaigns refinement

On-going campaigns will allow you to add members automatically to the campaign once they meet certain requirements. The refinement done has been the following:

  • Providing further information if nobody from the selected group is currently matching the set campaign parameters.

  • Improvement on the experience of setting up the campaign mode by simplifying the possibilities offered to the user: on-cycle and on-going. The first one has a set start and end point, however the on-going campaigns will run until manually stopped.

  • Inform the number of people that are currently participating on a campaign from the total number that have been added.

New permissions for filtered admins

Now when a global administrator sends a custom poll to the whole company, the filtered administrators will be able to see the results of the custom poll filtered by his group.

Skip questions on reviews

Now it is possible to skip a question while participating in a review campaign if a person doesn’t have enough criteria to respond to it.

Improvement in visualization of manual reviews

Managers will have a better visualization of the current phase of the review from my.nailted. They will only be able to interact with those phases of the campaign that have already finished and the current active phase, not being able to interact with future phases. This will prevent any possible confusion and it will allow managers to focus their attention on the actions to be performed.

Create review & check-ins templates

Now it is possible to create your own customized review & check-ins template from your Nailted account. Within a template you will be able to:

  • Select your creation mode: There are two different types of creation options available:

    • Normal mode: Create your template autonomously as it gathers the most common configuration options.

    • Advanced mode: Add more complexity to your template with full support from our Customer Success team.

  • Create your own scale: You can create a customized scale that will be used for all the questions that are related with your company values or competences.

  • Build multilingual templates: Templates can be customized in English or Spanish.

  • Different questions settings: Flexibility regarding questions is key to create a successful review, therefore you can:

    • Configure a question to be requested or optional to be answered.

    • If replying to one question will trigger a follow up question.

    • Assign the role of the respondent for each question.

Visual improvements for managers on reviews

  • Inclusion of a specific tab that shows the final results that a person will receive. On a review there may be some questions that are intended to be answered by the manager for internal purposes and will not reach the participant.

  • Inclusion of questions that don’t need to be calibrated on the calibration phase. These questions, although do not need to be calibrated, will help managers to shape their calibration about the person.

New Claps awards

Now you will be able to consult the top claps sender and claps receiver according to the number of messages and number of people to whom claps have been sent. Besides, the regular awards classification of number of claps sent is also available. This will provide more flexibility to create your recognition programs.

Improved reliability calculation when questions are skipped in a custom poll

The reliability calculation in the custom polls has been improved in order to take into account the possibility of skipping questions due to lack of criteria to answer.

Enhancement of message possibilities in mood map

Full access to messages and review past messages from the mood map in order to keep full track of the conversation with that person.

UI refinements

  • Better visualization of text area boxes on reviews & check-ins.

  • Change of profile picture to blue in order to reduce users cognitive load.

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