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How do inbox message assignments work?
How do inbox message assignments work?
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Responding to all the feedback messages that arrive is vital as people invest their time in answering surveys. By answering to all the feedback people will:

  • Feel listened to as they can see that their feedback is being taken into account.

  • Feedback helps to identify problems and adopt measures to solve them.

  • Administrators will know if the measure that has been implemented is being effective.

To facilitate that all the feedback is replied to, assigning a conversation to a person is crucial to success on this task. In cases where the volume of incoming feedback is very high, it is difficult to know if the right person is in charge of responding to that feedback, which is why we have implemented a message assignment system.

How can I assign a message?

Administrators with access to messages will be able to assign a message to another person, but only to other administrators that have visibility over the group to which the person that has written the feedback belongs to.

To assign a message to a person follow the steps described below:

  1. Go to your Messages section and select the message that you want to assign to someone.

  2. There are two different ways to assign a message:

    1. Auto-assignment: If you reply directly to a message that it is unassigned, automatically that message will be assigned to you.

      At this moment, you become a follower of the message, therefore a notification will be sent to you when there is a reply to the message.

    2. Assign to another person: It is possible to assign a message to another administrator by clicking on the Assign to dropdown. Once the assignment is completed the following will occur:

      1. The assignee will receive a notification informing of this new message assignment.

      2. Once that the assignee answers the message, a notification will be sent each time that there is any change on the conversation as now the assignee will become a follower.

When you enter the Messages section you will see the name of the person to whom it has been assigned under the message text on the left hand side. If the message has not been assigned to anyone, it will appear empty.

Can I unassign a message?

It is possible to unassign a message by changing the person it is assigned to in case that you are not the right person to handle that feedback. To do so, follow the next steps:

  1. Go into your Messages section and choose the message you want to make a change to.

  2. Next, click on the Assigned to dropdown located on the right hand side of your screen.

  3. Choose the new person you would like to assign the message and the change will be completed. In order to keep the prior and the current assignee on the same page the system will perform the following actions:

    1. A notification will be sent to the new designated person informing them that they have a new assigned message.

    2. A notification will be sent to the unassigned person informing them that the message is no longer assigned to them.

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